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Glasgow Colorectal Centre is Scotland’s leading private health care centre of excellence for managing colorectal & bowel problems. Our experienced and highly qualified team provide a comprehensive private colonoscopy and surgical service to deal with all bowel problems ranging from problematic piles to complex colorectal cancer.

The Glasgow Colorectal Centre is a team of experienced colorectal surgery specialists who provide a rapid and comprehensive investigation and treatment service for patietns with colorectal and colorectal and bowel problems.

We work closely with an experienced team of anaesthetists,  radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. We are based at Ross Hall hospital in Glasgow and we are supported by a highly trained and committed team of theatre, ward, intensive care, oncology and specialist nurses.

Together our aim is to provide the highest quality medical care, providing a leading edge service using the latest technology and techniques to enable rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment of both basic and complex colorectal and anorectal problems.

Our surgical team  are led by Richard Molloy and Ahmed Alani, Colorectal Surgeons with experience in managing a broad spectrum of colorectal disorders, from colonoscopy to treatment of piles/haemorrhoids and more complex problems including bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. They are experienced in minimally invasive surgery (MIS)  including the THD procedure for haemorrhoids & laparoscopic colorectal surgery, which facilitates enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS).

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Glasgow Colorectal Centre

Bowel cancer is one of the commonest causes of cancer in Scotland. If detected early, it is very treatable and potentially curable. Early detection with bowel screening is now available

Bowel cancer

Mature couple recovering after bowel cancer operation

Bowel problems are a common cause for patients seeking medical advice. Specialised tests such as colonoscopy or scans may be required  to exclude more serious problems

Bowel problems

CT scanner for investigation of bowel problems

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Colonoscopy is a common investigation for bowel symptoms such as diarrhoea, rectal bleeding and to investigate a

Positive QFIT or  bowel cancer screening test


Colonoscope for performing colonoscopy


Abdomen with haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids (piles) can cause bleeding,  protrusion itch & pain. Modern day case treatments such as the THD procedure or HALO treatment for piles can provide lasting relief

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