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Covid-19 (coronavirus): For the latest updates please press here

Corona virus (Covid-19) update: October 2020

Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic,  we initially suspended all consultations, operations and colonoscopy procedures at The Glasgow Colorectal Centre. However as the situation has stabilised, we have restarted outpatient consultations, colonoscopy and inpatient procedures at Ross Hall hospital and also Nuffield Health Glasgow. We are also happy to accommodate face to face, telephone and video consultations. Please discuss with Catherine when calling to make an appointment on 0141 620 3687.

We continue to remain vigilant however and if you are scheduled to undergo an inpatient or day-case procedure, you will be asked to self-isolate for 2 weeks before coming in to RossHall hospital and Nuffield Health Glasgow. We will also arrange to perform a Covid test shortly before your procedure to ensure that you are free of Covid at the time of the procedure. Similar arrangements have been put in place at both Private and NHS hospital throughout the UK

A 1 week period of self-isolation is only required for colonoscopy procedures in Ross Hall as it has it’s own self contained endoscopy unit

For more information, please follow the link to an information sheet on self-isolation.